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The Edge of Adventure (Leaders Kit)

13-week spiritual formation course


Each Leader’s Kit contains

• One Edge of Adventure reading book by Keith Miller and Bruce Larson.

This Christian classic is written in a compelling and honest spirit; highly readable, practical, and motivating. Bruce and Keith creatively explore what it can mean to live with integrity and for God.

The Edge of Adventure book is also part of a 13-week spiritual formation course.

• One Leader’s Guide, by Keith Miller, Bruce Larson & Hazel Larson

No advance group leader training is necessary for this course. The Leader’s Guide contains all the material that is in the participants Response Manual plus, in bold faced type, the specific instructions to the leader about items to gather before the meeting, when to cue the audio CD and discussion questions. These instructions to the leader are placed just ahead of each block of material the participants will see in their Response Manual.

• One set of 3 audio CD’s

On these teaching CD’s, Keith and Bruce share their experience of trying each experiment the participants are asked to do. They also describe and respond to the group exercises.

Leaders Kit:
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Taste of New Wine

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It is Keith’s genius to take very elusive and complicated material and make it understandable… His own rigorous honesty is a living mirror which can inspire us… The Taste of New Wine is today as important as it was, when it was first published—in fact, I feel it is more relevant than ever… It has increasing importance for the Christian life in our time.
Henri Nouwen
Taste of New Wine