By Keith Miller | August 25, 2011

What Was it About Hank—That Changed Our Lives?

Saturday at Riverbend Church here in Austin, TX, a large number of people gathered to say a formal “Goodbye,” and “We love you, Hank!” to our dear remarkable, unpretentious friend, Francis Leo “Hank” McNamara. It was a strange mix: some 50 or 60 family members; many Austinites who had known Hank since grade school; at […]

By Keith Miller | May 4, 2011


My question is about “compulsive busyness.”  I wake up with eyes wide open and a tight chest as all the things I have to do during this day or this week start jumping out onto the stage of my attention and waving at me, chanting “Look at me!  You promised to write a job recommendation […]

By Keith Miller | February 22, 2010

The Incompleteness of “Total Honesty”

Keith, why would anyone who is a Christian hesitate to be totally honest?  Isn’t it just a question of having the courage to risk rejection?  Can you think of reasons or situations where total honesty would not be the best policy? One reason that total honesty is not as simple as it seems is the […]

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The chapter (in The Edge of Adventure) on prayer gave me several new insights into better ways to communicate with God rather than pray to God. My all day long praying became more responsive. I try to listen more.
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