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By Keith Miller | February 23, 2011

When Problems Come in Waves

I feel like I’m drowning.  I’m over my head in conflicting problems.  I don’t know what to do,  and there is no one I feel safe enough to talk to about all this, yet you are able to write openly about some really hard problems, and how small groups have helped you.  How can a […]

By Keith Miller | February 16, 2011

Correction to “What Makes A Life Meaningful?”

On February 4th I posted a blog titled “What Makes A Life Meaningful.”  In that blog I was wrestling with the fact that as an old man (of 83) it seems to me about all I can do is help a few people find hope and meaning by helping them find sobriety and/or a new […]

By Keith Miller | February 14, 2011

Child-Training the Bored and Restless Ones

Dear Keith,  my husband and I are both Christians.  We are doing our best to teach our two young sons how to treat other people—thinking about other people’s feelings, showing respect and using good manners.  They seem so uninterested when we explain these things to them.  What else can we do to help them learn […]

By Keith Miller | February 9, 2011

Stepping into Reality… from Fear

Keith, I am so afraid that my life is not going to turn out well.  My closest relationship is in shambles.  No one knows this because in my family we were trained not to admit our fears or our failures.  But in my heart of hearts my fears have gotten so big that there seems […]

By Keith Miller | February 4, 2011

What Makes A Life Meaningful?

I was thinking I’ve had my shot.  I’m an old man and all I can do is help a few people find hope and meaning by helping them find sobriety and/or a new life of faith in God. But helping some pretty negative and defiant people in these ways didn’t seem to me to be […]

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With clear analysis and poignant witness, Keith leads us into wise intimacies of the soul with God. The Taste of New Wine, fresh reporting on the life of Christ, was important; this one, wisdom from a veteran, is necessary.
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