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By Keith Miller | September 30, 2010

Exposing A Well-Guarded Secret

I have been going to my church for over five years.  The sermons are helpful, and I’m learning a lot from the classes offered there.  But when I look around at other people talking and laughing before meetings or classes begin it seems like most of them have special friends that they are close to, […]

By Keith Miller | September 23, 2010

How can I Change my Mind?

Keith, I’ve recently become a Christian.  Everybody says I’ve got to be willing to let God into my life, and to let God guide my life.  So I finally am willing, but nothing has happened.  Can you help me? This is an excellent question, maybe the best anyone could ask who wants to lead a […]

By Keith Miller | September 16, 2010

Something is Broken

I have been disloyal to my wife and she found out.  I’ve confessed, and have also confessed to God.  I feel like God has forgiven me, and I’ve forgiven myself.  But my spouse says “It’s not that easy—that something’s broken—that ‘being sorry’ won’t fix it.”  She said she feels betrayed and that is (so far) […]

By Keith Miller | September 7, 2010

Is there Any Power in Simple Loving?

Sometimes I feel like my life for Christ doesn’t amount to much.  I don’t do big things that change people or their lives, and I don’t know how to do that.  Someone told me that they felt their purpose is just to love people.  But I can’t see how simple acts of love in my […]

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