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By Keith Miller | May 25, 2010

Transformation: A New World in the Midst of the Old One

Our teenaged son went to a summer camp a normal, interesting kid who was only interested in football (and I assume, sex).  But when he got home last week he was a religious freak, spouting Bible verses out of context with his eyes shining like his team had just won state.  I’m a church going […]

By Keith Miller | May 17, 2010

Temptations’ Noisy Voices

Keith, my question is how in the world did the saints get their inner house clean of all the different inner voices of temptation that argue against doing God’s will, so they could be at peace?  My problem is that my inner world has a bunch of different voices wanting me to sin and telling […]

By Keith Miller | May 10, 2010

About Pure Motives

Keith, I hesitate to write you about this problem because it seems so ridiculous.  But as a Christian, I am bothered continually about whether I am unselfish or not.  Several times a day I will ask myself, “Are my motives really pure or is there a little selfishness in this act?”  It’s getting so that […]

By Keith Miller | May 4, 2010

One Being: Body, Mind and Soul

Keith, why has there been so much emphasis in your work about living for Christ on things like relationships, feelings, the problems people have in trying to love God and other people, and in receiving love? In my day we dealt with the great theological ideas and doctrines of the faith.  Don’t you think the […]

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