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By Keith Miller | April 26, 2010

Expressing Admiration for Someone Close

I am part of a large family.  One member recently died.  While he was alive we never told him what a good man he was.  Why is it we seem to have to wait until good ones are gone before we really can express what we admired and enjoyed about them?   That’s a really […]

By Keith Miller | April 20, 2010

What Kind of Honesty Does God Want?

Dear Keith, I am having real trouble.  Some time ago I heard you speak about honesty and realized that I have been phony all my life.  So I decided to change my ways and began to confess to everyone exactly what I feel regarding them and life.  My husband was horrified at some of my […]

By Keith Miller | April 12, 2010

How Much is Enough?

Dear Keith, how much ambition is normal?  I have been raised always to be ambitious, to use my talents and abilities to the max and “make something of myself.”  But recently someone told me I am focusing too much on getting ahead, and that I’m an overachiever—maybe to the point of being self-destructive.  If ambition […]

By Keith Miller | April 6, 2010

Moving Beyond Circumstances that Block Us

Over the years many serious, committed Christians have asked me questions about how to come to grips with such painful topics as sickness, handicaps, accidents leading to permanent injury or death, and other such matters.  Devastated parents, husbands, young adults, when faced with the loss of someone on whom they depend, and whom they love […]

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It is Keith’s genius to take very elusive and complicated material and make it understandable… His own rigorous honesty is a living mirror which can inspire us… The Taste of New Wine is today as important as it was, when it was first published—in fact, I feel it is more relevant than ever… It has increasing importance for the Christian life in our time.
Henri Nouwen
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