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By Keith Miller | October 26, 2009

Beginning Again—After 25 Years

Keith, some of us have known you for years. You have often talked about being grateful to be in a “new place.” Many times I have thought I had changed after receiving a “great insight” or having an inspiring experience at a conference or after reading a book, but people around me don’t seem to […]

By Keith Miller | October 19, 2009


Keith, you mentioned that your wife, Andrea, is also a writer. What kind of writing does she do, and is there something available in print now? Yes, Andrea is a very accomplished writer and an editor. She recently showed me a devotional she wrote, and I asked her if we could use it on this […]

By Keith Miller | October 12, 2009

Being Trained by the Youngest Lyon

Keith, your life sounds like a real adventure story. How have you met so many interesting people and gotten them to help you? My experience vacillates between being boring and scary by comparison and people seem to resist helping me. It’s interesting that you would say that my life sounds like “a real adventure story” […]

By Keith Miller | October 5, 2009

The Night Vulnerable Love Stepped Into My Life

Keith, who was the person who gave you the courage to reveal your own problems and unacceptable feelings as a way to connect with and free Christians plagued by “unspeakable” problems? Thanks for asking this. I haven’t talked about much, but at one point I knew that what I needed personally was a model: someone […]

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You were such a blessing to me 32 years ago. I often tell others of your impact on my life… I continue to thank the Lord Jesus for you and your ministry.
James (Agadir, Morocco)
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