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By Keith Miller | July 27, 2009

I’m Blessed… When I’m At The End Of My Rope?

Keith, a lot of my friends talk about being “blessed” all the time when something good happens to them. Recently a neighbor felt “blessed” because her husband got a raise. And last month a friend at work said she felt blessed because no one was hurt in a car wreck she was in. But Jesus […]

By Keith Miller | July 13, 2009

Letting Your Weight Down Through A Tangle Of Seaweed

Keith, I am so over-committed that I wake up often on the verge of panic. The problem is that I’m a minister and can’t even find the time to pray anymore. It seems like I’m swimming like crazy but the shore is getting farther away. Have you ever had this experience? If so what did […]

By Keith Miller | July 6, 2009

Where To Find Jesus During Weekdays

Keith, I go to church every Sunday but during the week I seem to rush from one activity to my next appointment. How can I find God during the week? After several busy years of public witnessing and teaching as a new Christian, my spirit turned gray. I felt less and less intimate with God. […]

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It is Keith’s genius to take very elusive and complicated material and make it understandable…His own rigorous honesty is a living mirror which can inspire us…
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