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By Keith Miller | June 29, 2009

How Can I Become A Full Citizen In God’s Kingdom?

Keith, I’ve been going to church off and on for years, and I’ve always prayed to God, even if I didn’t attend church. But lately prayer has gotten pretty boring—like talking to old people who don’t listen and just repeat the same stories. But you act like you think God is real and might say […]

By Keith Miller | June 22, 2009

Taking Toxic Waste to the Proper Dump

Keith, what can I do with my depressing feelings of guilt and failure? I’ve tried talking with my family members, but I can tell they’re getting really tired of hearing my sad story. Years ago I formed a terrible habit guaranteed to keep life from being boring, but which rained gloom and doom on my […]

By Keith Miller | June 15, 2009

The Hinge of the Doorway to a Locked Heart May be Very Small

Keith, I am a deacon in the church and people tell me I’m a good witness for Christ in our community. But behind closed doors in our family things are often very tense, snippy and hard-headed. There are certain things concerning the roles of husband and wife that I insist of because I was taught […]

By Keith Miller | June 8, 2009

Temptation: A Strong Wind for a Flickering Flame

Keith, no one I know talks about the imperious and demanding Mr. Hyde (or Ms. Hyde) transformation that temptation can change even a deeply committed (to our Lord) Christian into a totally self-centered drooling squinty-eyed lascivious or gluttonous pagan. It would be helpful if you are willing to deal with this question in a reality […]

By Keith Miller | June 1, 2009

The Frightened Elephant in the Living Room of Faith

Keith,I’ve been a Christian for many years. I’ve committed my whole life to Christ and have been taught that I should trust God. But inside where I face the challenges like (1) the changing economy that threatens my vocation, (2) the reckless and (to me) dangerous behavior of my teen-aged son and daughter and (3) […]

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