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By Keith Miller | May 25, 2009

Forgiveness? You’ve Got to be Kidding!

Keith, how can I quit resenting people who have ridiculed me or lied to me, etc.? I can’t seem to shake off resentments—even when I pray and want to let them go. When I first read the question I thought, you’re asking the wrong guy. But then I realized that I haven’t harbored a resentment […]

By Keith Miller | May 18, 2009

Attitude Check

Keith, when I decided to become a parish priest I had no idea that some people consider ministers as “hired hands” and not colleagues, brothers or sisters on the adventure of living for Christ. My response to being treated as a lackey by some prominent church people is to want to bust them in the […]

By Keith Miller | May 11, 2009

The Death Throes of an Omniscient “Helper”

Keith, my college aged kids and my husband claim that I am trying to control them when I offer suggestions-when all I am trying to do is help them. How can I help them see that I want them to make their own decisions?   Ooooh!  That question strikes too close to home. Listen to […]

By Keith Miller | May 4, 2009

The Silent Gift of Love

Keith, what is the best way you’ve found to begin to convey the message that they are loved by God to people who are very cognitive and scientifically oriented and don’t even believe there is a God? Recently I ran across the following conversation between a camp counselor and a camper who finally decided to […]

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