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By Keith Miller | January 26, 2009

The Chain of Loving Memories that Binds Us to Those Long Gone

How did you survive losing every member of your family of origin by the time you were twenty-eight? How did you handle that—when the last one died? “Nannie’s dead.Aunt Nannie is dead!” I kept saying it over and over to myself and shaking my head.I couldn’t believe it, and yet I knew it was true.I […]

By Keith Miller | January 19, 2009

Mixed Motives-A Problem for the Intense

Now that I’ve decided to say “yes” to God and am willing to follow Christ, I don’t know if I am kidding myself about my motives—I sometimes think I do good things for people so they’ll think I am a good Christian. How can I know for sure I’m not building my own kingdom instead […]

By Keith Miller | January 12, 2009

Any Old Bush Will Do

Keith,my life seems uneventful compared to the dramatic circumstances and situations outstanding Christian witnesses describe. I sometimes wonder if I wouldn’t be more committed if I could go to the Holy Land and see the historic shrines where the biblical heroes were born, called by God, and died for their Lord. Do many people feel […]

By Keith Miller | January 5, 2009

Accidental Magic that Changed My Life

Keith, sometimes I think my kids will never learn to be unselfish. They fight over everything and are constantly begging for new toys. Any suggestions? When I first thought about your question, all I could remember was fighting with my brother and our father lecturing us about being so selfish. He and Mother must have […]

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