I’m Blessed… When I’m At The End Of My Rope?

By Keith Miller | July 27, 2009

Keith, a lot of my friends talk about being “blessed” all the time when something good happens to them. Recently a neighbor felt “blessed” because her husband got a raise. And last month a friend at work said she felt blessed because no one was hurt in a car wreck she was in. But Jesus said we’re blessed when we’ve just lost that which is most dear to us—things like that. So… what does being blessed really mean for a Christian?

Good question. I wrestled with that one for years because I came to God because I had already lost a lot, and already was at the end of my rope! Feeling terrible, I finally said, “Lord, just tell me straight. What good news do I have to share about being blessed when I’m at the end of my rope?”

And then my answer came. One morning I was stunned to read about Jesus’ telling his disciples to consider themselves blessed when they “lost what was most dear,” when they were “persecuted,” or even “at the end of their ropes.”—as if these tragedies were actually God’s delivery vehicles for sending us His blessings?


Then reading through all the beatitudes in Matthew 5, I saw…and my world changed. “Wow!” I thought. “Maybe the best news I can bring to an anxious world terrified of failure, personal rejection, and loss of loved ones is this: As I’m surrendering my life to Him—with all my failures and broken relationships—the Lord is giving me the courage, honesty—and willingness—to face, and walk through some of the most difficult problems this world has to offer, with my eyes wide open! And for me that has been wonderful news.

Before now, it hadn’t crossed my mind that the willingness, honesty, courage are the blessings from God I didn’t know to request. Yet they turned out to be doorways to the understanding and love I’ve always longed for.

Lord, thank you. Your “blessings” are Good News indeed when it comes to spiritual maturity—even if they sometimes feel a little like sandpaper. Amen

“You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.” Matthew 5 (The Message)

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