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Write From the Heart: Writing the Non-Fiction Book (VHS and workbook)

Among the many guidelines discussed in this self-paced study course are how to clarify the subject of your book, capture research information, begin the writing of chapters, pinpoint your audience, and set realistic deadlines. Presenting a manuscript to a publisher and working with an editor are also discussed. Cues are given for when to turn off the video and do an exercise. Additional workbooks are available so the course can also be used by a class, a writing group, or by several writers in turn.


Few writers have ever moved as many people as deeply as Keith Miller.  “I felt like he sat down and wrote that book just for me” – has been the response of literally millions.

How does he do it?  And is it something anyone can learn?  Now, for those in the process of becoming writers, in this eight-session VHS series, Keith Miller shares the secrets of his craft.

Over the years he has written numerous best-sellers, and in this hands-on workshop he makes it seem so easy, you can’t wait to get started in your own book.  In fact, if you follow his easy, step-by-step instructions, you actually will!

From getting your initial inspiration to finding the right title, from outlining to researching, from writing to re-writing, from marketing your manuscript to working with your publisher, it’s all here – just about every question you ever wanted to ask about becoming an effective writer is answered.

And something else is here, too: Keith Miller.  So strong is his gift of communication, and so willing is he to share from his heart, you’ll have the feeling that he is right there with you – that, in fact, he made this video just for you.

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The Taste of New Wine is a timeless, essential read for an imperfect generation longing to connect with a perfectly loving God who can lead us into life-giving, honest relating with each other. Keith’s humble honesty pulls the reader in and connects us to the Living Water our thirsty souls crave.
John Burke, author of No Perfect People Allowed and Soul Revolution
Taste of New Wine