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Highway Home Through Texas (Book with Cassette Tape)


Many people do not realize that Keith Miller is a poet/song writer. Keith’s gifts for wry humor and colorful language combine with tall Texas tales of compelling action. In these earthy tales of the exploits of early Texans, Keith identifies with heroes and con men, brave women, exploited Mexican American laborers, and saints and evil deceivers. His honesty about the inadequacy of his self-image enlightens these imaginative word-pictures, and the yarns themselves both entertain and speak to the struggle within each of us to find our own reality.

These powerful original poetic ballads, written in the desert country near the Rio Grande river border to Mexico, and read by the author, constitute a unique experience for reader or listener. The surprising O’Henry-like twists and turns and earthy insights provide a look into the playful but deadly serious writer in the days when he was still running from the Hound of Heaven. This one is a sleeper.

85 page book & audio cassette:
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A well written and powerful voice in the grand movement to rescue us from the empty secularism of our society by discovering the soul. (about The Secret Life of the Soul)
M. Scott Peck, best-selling author of The Road Less Traveled
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