By Keith Miller | February 2, 2010

Finding the Life We’ve Been Looking For

Keith, I keep running into people who can’t seem to believe there really is a God—and honestly I don’t know if I do. These scientists are almost making fun of people who believe that God is real!  And if God is real, they ask, how can he change the basic character of people who believe […]

By Keith Miller | January 27, 2010

Spiritual House Cleaning

Keith, I’m not a pious person and have never liked doing things that sound like they will look more “religious.”  But I was fascinated to hear that God wants to transform me into the person God designed me to be.  Can you suggest an approach to spiritual transformation that has its feet on the ground? […]

By Keith Miller | January 18, 2010

Angry All the Time

Keith, in a group sometime ago I heard you say something about anger, and it got me thinking about my situation.  I have a problem with being angry a lot.  About the only feeling my father ever expressed was anger—he thought that real men get angry; other emotions were for women and wimps.  We’ve become […]

By Keith Miller | January 11, 2010

When Prayer Feels Like ‘Talking To Myself’

Sometimes when I’m praying my rational mind jumps in and says, “Do you suppose anybody is really listening?”  Or I simply wonder if I’m talking to myself.  That often makes me want to stop praying until I feel clear about God’s presence.  But then I feel bad because I’m not praying regularly.  It’s a vicious […]

By Keith Miller | January 5, 2010

Back to Basics

Happy New Year!  During the last week of 2009, Andrea and I made some plans for 2010, including plans about this weekly blog.  We will be starting 2010 by addressing how one might deal with some of the basic questions of life from the perspective of living one’s entire life for Christ.  I’ll be writing […]

By Keith Miller | December 31, 2009

Some Good News about Some Bad News

Keith, just before Christmas this year I had my annual physical (which I’ve always passed with flying colors).  This time my Internist went over a shockingly long list of borderline results that indicated I need to watch everything I eat, get regular exercise and get some sleep.  That evening I was stunned to realize that […]

By Keith Miller | December 21, 2009

What was God Trying to Say?

Keith, the stores have been full of Christmas decorations and the radio has been playing Christmas carols, songs and ads for it seems like forever.  Addressing Christmas cards, shopping for gifts for my family and friends—somehow I’m getting worn out with it all.  Do you have any ideas that could help me keep my focus […]

By Keith Miller | December 14, 2009

People Experiencing Reorientation May Seem “Out of It”

Keith, our teenaged son went to a summer camp a normal, interesting kid who was only interested in football (and, I assume, sex).  But when he got home last week he was a religious freak, spouting Bible verses out of context with his eyes shining like his team had just won state.  I’m a church […]

By Keith Miller | December 7, 2009

A Living Library of Wisdom from God

Keith, how can I help people in trouble if I don’t know many Christian answers? In the early years after I made a commitment to Christ I got the idea that I was supposed to have “Christian answers” to people’s problems.  So I repeated a few answers I’d learned from “old-timers” to people in trouble […]

By Keith Miller | December 1, 2009

The War of the Inner Voices

I am a grown person, and I have tried to commit my whole life to God and really want to do God’s will. Whenever I am tempted to do something immoral or dishonest my head is filled with difficult inner voices debating inside my mind. There are rigid, fearful, and righteous voices on one side, […]

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