By Keith Miller | November 30, 2010

How Can I Know?

Keith, is the Bible true?  And if it is, how can I know it’s true? That’s a good question, one that a lot more Christians wonder about than you would imagine.  The simple answer is that since the story is all about God, what God is like, and what God wants from the relationship with […]

By Keith Miller | November 24, 2010

Breathing Underwater

Keith, you write a lot about how a certain kind of small group has helped you learn how to face and deal with real temptations, fears, inadequacies and other painful areas of living.  How can you do that?  I’m afraid to trust other people enough to be honest about my real stuff for fear they […]

By Keith Miller | November 15, 2010

A Different Way of Seeing

Since so many scientists and educators and psychologists are atheists, how can I believe it’s possible to have a personal relationship with God?  People who don’t believe in God point out how stupid some people are who say they do believe.  How can I re-think about this?  (Surely all the people who believe in God […]

By Keith Miller | November 9, 2010

Palms Sweating, Teeth Chattering and All

You often talk about trying to find ways to help other people when you feel like no one really loves you.  How does your helping someone else help you? Very good question.  Because I am a writer and have written a lot of books about trying to live my ordinary walking around life for the […]

By Keith Miller | November 4, 2010

A Rim of Light

With elections just completed and Thanksgiving creeping up on us, we are in the midst of the screamers on the radio and television talk shows warning us of the “crooks” running for office, or the “blindness and the incompetence” of our elected representatives, and of the failings of our leaders in virtually all fields.  However, […]

By Keith Miller | October 22, 2010

Just Be There

Dear Keith, I’m having trouble with my prayer life.  I’m not getting a lot of my prayers answered.  (And I’m praying “in Jesus’ name.”)  He indicated that he would answer prayers that were prayed in his name.  Can you shed any light on that?  And can you advise me what I can do to have […]

By Keith Miller | October 14, 2010

Impossible Answers to Impossible Questions

Who is God, and what is the Bible really all about?  I try to tell my children that God is love.  But I see God’s people in the Bible (and in history today) slaughter people in God’s name.  Can you give me a simple definition of who God is and what the Bible is all […]

By Keith Miller | October 6, 2010

The Gamble of Faith

Dear Keith, I made a decision to give my life to Christ over ten years ago.  It felt so freeing—to be able to trust God with the struggles in my life.  But periodically I go through times of not being able to sleep, of going over my situation with a magnifying glass to see what […]

By Keith Miller | September 30, 2010

Exposing A Well-Guarded Secret

I have been going to my church for over five years.  The sermons are helpful, and I’m learning a lot from the classes offered there.  But when I look around at other people talking and laughing before meetings or classes begin it seems like most of them have special friends that they are close to, […]

By Keith Miller | September 23, 2010

How can I Change my Mind?

Keith, I’ve recently become a Christian.  Everybody says I’ve got to be willing to let God into my life, and to let God guide my life.  So I finally am willing, but nothing has happened.  Can you help me? This is an excellent question, maybe the best anyone could ask who wants to lead a […]

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