By Keith Miller | March 30, 2010

Don’t Shut Down the Fire Alarm, Find the Fire!

Dear Keith, I’ve been troubled a lot with anxiety lately and seem to be having more problems with my relationships recently.  I have made a commitment to Christ and asked God for the filling of the Holy Spirit and I have done everything my friends have told me to do to get rid of this […]

By Keith Miller | March 24, 2010

When God Is Silent

Keith, what can I do when my prayers are boring—even to me? How can I pray more attentively in a way that leads toward the transformation of my real life? Years ago, when I first began taking a life of communicating with God seriously, I felt uneasy with silence while praying. So I filled most […]

By Keith Miller | March 16, 2010

A Split Second of Clarity

Last November I had surgery at a day-surgery center, under a general anesthetic and then went home after a few hours.  I always clearly request “no narcotics,” for pain relief, since I have had severe problems with certain drug reactions in the past—both in and out of medical situations.  But the new drug seemed to […]

By Keith Miller | March 1, 2010

Content with Who You Are

Keith, my problem is that my spouse says that I am selfish, but I buy her nice clothes and presents of jewelry, etc.  I even joined the church because she wanted me to.  And I know a lot of men don’t do things like that.  But in spite of everything I do, she is very […]

By Keith Miller | February 9, 2010

Squelching a Word of Love—to Keep from Being Hurt

Keith, not long ago a good friend, someone I like and respect, complimented me on some design work I’d done.  I knew he meant it and at one level I was very pleased—especially since we work in the same field and he’s very good at what he does.  But I was also, sort of… embarrassed, […]

By Keith Miller | February 2, 2010

Finding the Life We’ve Been Looking For

Keith, I keep running into people who can’t seem to believe there really is a God—and honestly I don’t know if I do. These scientists are almost making fun of people who believe that God is real!  And if God is real, they ask, how can he change the basic character of people who believe […]

By Keith Miller | January 27, 2010

Spiritual House Cleaning

Keith, I’m not a pious person and have never liked doing things that sound like they will look more “religious.”  But I was fascinated to hear that God wants to transform me into the person God designed me to be.  Can you suggest an approach to spiritual transformation that has its feet on the ground? […]

By Keith Miller | January 18, 2010

Angry All the Time

Keith, in a group sometime ago I heard you say something about anger, and it got me thinking about my situation.  I have a problem with being angry a lot.  About the only feeling my father ever expressed was anger—he thought that real men get angry; other emotions were for women and wimps.  We’ve become […]

By Keith Miller | January 11, 2010

When Prayer Feels Like ‘Talking To Myself’

Sometimes when I’m praying my rational mind jumps in and says, “Do you suppose anybody is really listening?”  Or I simply wonder if I’m talking to myself.  That often makes me want to stop praying until I feel clear about God’s presence.  But then I feel bad because I’m not praying regularly.  It’s a vicious […]

By Keith Miller | January 5, 2010

Back to Basics

Happy New Year!  During the last week of 2009, Andrea and I made some plans for 2010, including plans about this weekly blog.  We will be starting 2010 by addressing how one might deal with some of the basic questions of life from the perspective of living one’s entire life for Christ.  I’ll be writing […]

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