By Keith Miller | February 14, 2011

Child-Training the Bored and Restless Ones

Dear Keith,  my husband and I are both Christians.  We are doing our best to teach our two young sons how to treat other people—thinking about other people’s feelings, showing respect and using good manners.  They seem so uninterested when we explain these things to them.  What else can we do to help them learn […]

By Keith Miller | February 9, 2011

Stepping into Reality… from Fear

Keith, I am so afraid that my life is not going to turn out well.  My closest relationship is in shambles.  No one knows this because in my family we were trained not to admit our fears or our failures.  But in my heart of hearts my fears have gotten so big that there seems […]

By Keith Miller | February 4, 2011

What Makes A Life Meaningful?

I was thinking I’ve had my shot.  I’m an old man and all I can do is help a few people find hope and meaning by helping them find sobriety and/or a new life of faith in God. But helping some pretty negative and defiant people in these ways didn’t seem to me to be […]

By Keith Miller | January 26, 2011

Changes in Our Marriage

Dear Keith, last year at this time my marriage was beautiful.  We could tell each other anything, were very much in love, and enjoyed being together and with the children.  We realized how good things were and swore we’d always keep them that way. But a year later everything seems to have fallen apart.  My […]

By Keith Miller | January 19, 2011

Can God Help with My To-Do List?

Keith, I seem to be constantly overwhelmed with stuff to do!  I am busy all day getting things done, but the list of what DIDN’T get done seems always longer than what I did get done!  I can hardly go to sleep at night because I worry about how I will ever get caught up.  […]

By Keith Miller | January 10, 2011

Keeping Up or Keeping On?

Keith, If the church is going to make it in increasingly complex political, social, and economic worlds, don’t you think our first priority to be effective Christian communicators should be to keep up, to learn all we can about the latest advances in these fields?  How else can we speak intelligently as ministers to the […]

By Keith Miller | January 3, 2011

God’s Fire Alarm System

 Keith, you have said that it’s better not to run from pain but to embrace it.  But I don’t get it. What on earth can be good about pain?  You’re sure not alone with that question.  Have you noticed how many commercials on television are about ways to quiet our pain?  Yet I believe that […]

By Keith Miller | December 31, 2010

God’s Orchestra

Keith, just wanted to ask you what you think about making New Year’s resolutions.  I have tried to live up to the Christian standard, but I never can.  So I’m not too optimistic about making any big resolutions for 2011.  What’s the point? Where has this idea come from that there is just one image […]

By Keith Miller | December 23, 2010

2010 Christmas Message

Merry Christmas! Wishes for a blessed Christmas come with this note!  I tried to write a blog for this week, but couldn’t.  Here’s what happened instead. Andrea and I were all set for a quiet Christmas in Austin together since we had been with kids and grandkids for Thanksgiving.  One night earlier this month, after […]

By Keith Miller | December 16, 2010

An Almost Perfect Gift

Keith, people make me so angry and frustrated when they don’t do what they say they’re going to do.  I don’t know what to do when I have these feelings.  I can’t seem to let things go without judging and shaming the people I love most—just to prove they’re wrong.  Any ideas? That’s a hard […]

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