By Keith Miller | November 4, 2010

A Rim of Light

With elections just completed and Thanksgiving creeping up on us, we are in the midst of the screamers on the radio and television talk shows warning us of the “crooks” running for office, or the “blindness and the incompetence” of our elected representatives, and of the failings of our leaders in virtually all fields.  However, […]

By Keith Miller | October 22, 2010

Just Be There

Dear Keith, I’m having trouble with my prayer life.  I’m not getting a lot of my prayers answered.  (And I’m praying “in Jesus’ name.”)  He indicated that he would answer prayers that were prayed in his name.  Can you shed any light on that?  And can you advise me what I can do to have […]

By Keith Miller | March 24, 2010

When God Is Silent

Keith, what can I do when my prayers are boring—even to me? How can I pray more attentively in a way that leads toward the transformation of my real life? Years ago, when I first began taking a life of communicating with God seriously, I felt uneasy with silence while praying. So I filled most […]

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You were such a blessing to me 32 years ago. I often tell others of your impact on my life… I continue to thank the Lord Jesus for you and your ministry.
James (Agadir, Morocco)
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