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By Keith Miller | April 28, 2011

From “Praying Prayers” to Communicating Intimately with God and People

Keith, you talk a lot about prayer being an important part of your life over the past forty-five years, particularly since you made a decision to try to surrender your whole life to the God Jesus called Father.  I have two questions.  First, how and when did you get introduced to praying?  The other question […]

By Keith Miller | April 18, 2011

Which Way is THE Way?

Dear Keith, How come some people like you keep going into your inner life and wrestling with deep problems all the time and yet claim to have the Holy Spirit?  I don’t do this, and I’m a happy committed Christian.  My wife is like you and says I’m just not sensitive to spiritual things.  But […]

By Keith Miller | April 11, 2011

Confessions of a False Prophet

Keith, some people at my church asked me to lead a Sunday School class, and I agreed.  One Sunday recently the subject of living by faith came up.  After I talked about a couple of my own experiences of faith, I was surprised by the reaction of some of the people in the class.  Most of […]

By Keith Miller | April 6, 2011

A Small Key to some Large, Heavy Doors

Last week I wrote about the surprising difficulty I faced in trying to change a lifelong self-defeating behavior—being late to meetings.  This week I want to tell you the story of what has happened since I admitted my problem and asked God to help me solve this irritating and frustrating habit.  Dealing with this one […]

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You were such a blessing to me 32 years ago. I often tell others of your impact on my life… I continue to thank the Lord Jesus for you and your ministry.
James (Agadir, Morocco)
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