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By Keith Miller | July 28, 2010

People’s Irritating Faults Can Give Clues to My Own

Dear Keith, Recently I felt that God was urging me to write a letter to another Christian telling her that she was arrogant and unloving and was very vain about her physical appearance.  In what I considered to be obedience I wrote the letter.  My friend not only did not receive the letter well; she […]

By Keith Miller | July 19, 2010

Being Transformed from the Inside Out

Keith, I’ve recently come back to church. Rather, a good way to put it is I’ve found a church that explains Christianity in a way that makes more sense than what I got out of church when I was young.  The service I’ve been going to is designed for people who are searching, as I […]

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You were such a blessing to me 32 years ago. I often tell others of your impact on my life… I continue to thank the Lord Jesus for you and your ministry.
James (Agadir, Morocco)
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